About us

We are Crystal Pure Water

Crystal pure water is 10 years now. Our company is dedicated to the purification of drinking water and keeping the citizens of Bangalore safeguarded from water-borne diseases. This is our mission. The cornerstone of the Crystal Pure Water success is its commitment to the best technology backed by the most efficient customer support. For e.g., the phone is answered (by a human voice) before the 4th ring and breakdown calls are answered within 24 working hours in 90% of cases.

Blue Bird Water

Bluebird Pure's domestic water softener uses high quality blue ion-resin and it works up to 1200 ppm hardness level. 
There are several benefits of choosing bluebird Pure's domestic water softener, it keeps spotless, cleaner and shinier crockery and utensils,it reduces consumption of detergent, soap, shampoo etc.

Servicing of your Water Softener

All water softener sold by Crystal Pure Water are backed up by FREE after sales service for 12 months After one year it is imperative to have a comprehensive service done.